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What readers have told us about Lost Souls of Lakewood :

Charlie Hodge’s compelling and captivating book Lost Souls of Lakewood  is a gem in its own class that will thrill readers of all ages.
I found the stories and history about Ginger Goodwin and other characters spellbinding. A most enjoyable read.
- Teunis Westbroek, Councillor of Qualicum Beach.

If you're a history buff, a mystery aficionado, or just enjoy an entertaining yarn, then Lost Souls of Lakewood is for you. It's amazing there hasn't been more written before now about the incredible characters who inhabited the magical Blaylock's Mansion and grounds near Nelson, B.C.
Fortunately, veteran journalist Charlie Hodge has given readers a fascinating account of the remarkable life of Selwyn G. Blaylock, as well as detailing the roles other larger-than-life figures such as George Robson, Stockton Taylor, Newton Wolverton, Ginger Goodwin and Clifford Chase played in the development of Lakewood.
Hodge expertly chronicles the mansion's history through the eyes of 'lost souls', adding another layer to an already intriguing tale. In doing so, he provides timely recognition of the First Nations people's contributions in the area's evolution.
Lost Souls of Lakewood is an important contribution to the history of the area as well as being a captivating read. I highly recommend it.
- John Carter (retired journalist and history enthusiast) - Renfrew, Ontario

Lost Souls of Lakewood (The History and Mystery of Blaylock’s Mansion)  was a pleasure to read. Having lived in Nelson and once enjoyed a stay in Blaylock’s Mansion, this book brought back many memories and taught me some history.
The ghosts were a sweet bonus that had me checking photographs for evidence of spirits we might have unknowingly encountered. Well worth the read!
- Jan Johnston - Kelowna, B.C.

Reading Lost Souls of Lakewood is a walk through the history and mystery of southern British Columbia. It’s told through a unique pair of eyes which often feel like your own. The lives of real historical figures, builders of the Kootenays’ settlements, come and go to the centre of the story - the mansion. The ghosts themselves have very funny ‘human’ qualities, being recently human after all. Acting like they still are.
Big thumbs up, I looked forward to every page, very glad I read this book.
- Gary Smythe, Thamesville, Ontario.

It may sound trite, and the phrase is certainly overused, but Lost Souls of Lakewood qualifies as a ‘must-read’ book. That is so partly, no, make that largely, because of its author, Charlie Hodge.
At his core, Mr. Hodge is a highly skilled artist. Hodge is to words what Van Gogh is to painting. Charlie paints vivid pictures in a person's mind by his deft, clever and oftentimes humorous, use of words.
In Lost Souls of Lakewood, it's sometimes difficult to determine where the fiction starts and reality leaves off.
Lost Souls is the kind of book that one should start to read early in the day because, in the evening, reading it can lead to a loss of sleep. Yes, it's a book that is hard to put down.
Like rum and coke, or bacon and eggs, some things just fit together. Hodge and writing can be added to that list. Thus, I highly recommend this book and its author.
If you are looking for a good read, you have found it in Lost Souls of Lakewood.
- Al Paterson, Grand Forks, B.C.

The Lost Souls of Lakewood is a very interesting read, filled with history and mystery. Charlie sure does his research, and he has a wonderful way of putting it all together.
- Rann Berry, Kelowna B.C.

Reading Last Souls of Lakewood, for me, was a history lesson about Nelson, Trail  and the history of the mansion. Author Charlie Hodge took us back in time with his written words. Love the book!
- Sonja Tomani, Vancouver, B.C.

I feel compelled to comment on a book I recently read titled The Lost souls of Lakewood - the History and Mystery of Blaylock’s Mansion.
First author Charlie Hodge educated me. I’ve lived in B.C my entire life and yet never heard of Blaylock’s Mansion. The history and the mystery that surrounds it is amazing.
Hodge’s approach to storytelling is very inviting. He takes you down a rabbit hole like you’ve never been down before - so many characters neatly woven in. Each one capturing your heart and imagination.
After reading this book, I have vowed to take a drive to Nelson to try experience some of the wonder and mystic of this beautiful old mansion.
Thank you, Charlie Hodge, for introducing me to Blaylock’s Mansion, and for your wonderful, adventurous, talented way of telling this story.
- Deb Stone, Kelowna B.C.


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