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I believe I represent the average citizen and provide a voice of common sense and reason.

Born and raised in the Okanagan, Kelowna has been my home since 1962. During the past 55 years I've seen tremendous growth in our beautiful city. I’d like to again be part of the important decision making process that entrenches Kelowna as desirable community in which to live.

With 10 years City Council experience (seven in Kelowna and three in Parksville, B.C.) 10 years as Regional District Director, and 3 years as Southing Interior Local Government Association Director, I provide a veteran voice at the Council table. 

The next four years will see a needed increase in vital discussions and negotiations with municipalities such as West Kelowna, Westbank First Nations, Lake Country, Peachland... and also Provincial and Federal governments. Because of my inter-governmental experience I know many of the key politicians and bureaucrats involved, and neither intimidated nor afraid to hold firm, and negotiate on issues important to our community. 

Kelowna faces major decisions soon including crime, transit plans, the Parkinson Recreation Centre, Rutland Centennial Park, the Capri expansion,  Cedar Ave., Glenmore Recreational Park, land-use, water quality, and encouraging further business growth and support not just downtown but throughout our various business sectors.

This past term on Kelowna Council has affirmed once again my willingness to ask tough questions, cut through red tape and bureaucratic baffle-gab, and insist Council and staff acknowledge the views of the public and businesses during the decision making process. 

I believe Council should hear the public’s thoughts and concerns and consider them strongly before making final decisions or directing projects to proceed.

I've occasionally been chastised by media or at the Council table for asking too many questions and deferring issues. That will probably continue if I am re-elected. I will never make a decision I do not have enough information on. If not provided with enough important details at the table I will not be rushed by other councillors, staff, media or anyone else to make a bad decision.

My job is to make the best decision possible and if that means asking tough questions and waiting until I get those answers, so be it. That's how I will continue to operate. 


Charlie Hodge –transparency, accountability, experience

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